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What makes ExpertsinDigital different from other agencies is our depth of industry experience and our cross-functional team approach
Anastasia Lanting

Anastasia Lanting

Founder, Online Marketing Strategist
An online marketing specialist with international experience, deep knowledge of marketing and strong grip on the new and most effective trends in online marketing. I believe in the power of business to change the world into a better place. That’s why I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs with their digital marketing. Awards: in TOP 10 specialists in e-commerce& retail in the Netherlands, FOTY Awards.

Abigail Egle Zilinskaite

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing professional with work and study experience in Lithuania, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and China. With experience and skills gained from my own start-up, ad agency, LinkedIn and mindfulness conference, I am enthusiastic to represent a brand with engaging Human to Human communication and to champion Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Anastasia Hans

Advertising Manager, representative in Berlin
My study and work experience  are in Russia and Germany in the areas of marketing, business communication and business administration. My focus is on brand strategy consulting, digital strategy development and Search Engine Marketing (SEO +SEA).

  • Online Marketing Strategy 95%
  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Wordpress  70%
  • Creative strategy 95%
  • Photoshop 80%
  • HTML 60%
  • Search Engine Marketing 95%
  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Community Management 60%
Anastasia Lanting

Jasper Kars

Freelance journalist active in the cross-media field. A storyteller, writer, interviewer, presenter, copywriter, editor, critic and enthusiast. With a wide array of interests in professional as well as personal life. Some of these are literature, music, film, sports, culture, cities, advertising, sustainability & innovation and design.

Yulia Yashutina

Search Engine Advertising Specialist 
Multidisciplinary, raised by the Internet. I’m focused on interactive forms of digital marketing (i.e. gamification), powerful texts and corresponding imagery.
I learn fast. New task is not a difficulty for me – just another step on getting better. Better specialist, better person.

Gerrit-Jan Lanting

Finance Manager
Crowdfunding consultant, all round finance expert, lecturer at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht Summer School and Plekhanov University of Economics Moscow. My interests are SME governance, innovations in finance and behavioral finance.

  • Journalism 95%
  • Blogging 80%
  • Documentary production 40%
  • Google AdWords and Yandex Direct  95%
  • Social Media Marketing 70%
  • PR 60%
  • Finance  95%
  • Crowdfunding 80%
  • Customer Happiness 50%
Anastasia Lanting

Viktoria Korol

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

A starting marketing specialist with some experience in copywriting, SEO, organization of events, creation of corporate culture and digital strategy development. I truly believe that online marketing isn’t only boring work with a lot of analytics and planning stuff, but also a huge area for creativity and fun. It’s such a pleasure for me to see when someone is happy thanks to my work.

  • Copywriting 95%
  • PR 70%
  • Photoshop 45%

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