Crowdfunding campaigns help us to realise new exciting ideas, products or services and give innovative projects the perfect kick-start. Since crowdfunding found its way into the online entrepreneurs world, it has developed into a much used and effective way to raise contributions and create awareness. From the perspective of a digital marketeer this development is obviously very interesting.

That’s why Experts in Digital have been involved in making crowdfunding dreams come true since the start of the company. Launching and overseeing a crowdfunding campaign is an intensive and challenging path. Through our successful experiences in the past, we managed to create a formula consisting of different stages. These stages are required to make the crowdfunding campaign a success: +100% it is.

Three stages of crowdfunding

The first stage is RESEARCH. This is where we find the audience that would care about your product and services and explore what they like and how they behave.

Second stage of a crowdfunding campaign, and the most important one, is PRE-LAUNCH PLANNING where we carefully work together on Creating Pitch, Video, Promotional materials, choosing proper platforms for the campaign, prepare a content plan and channels for PR.

The third stage of work of our team together with your company is the actual LAUNCH. Here it is important to stay proactive and be ready for strategy change as well as tactical changes. At this moment extensive work with media (newspapers, radio, TV. online media) is done.


How long?

Through the stressful times after the launch, in the period of 30 to 40 days in which the actual funds are being collected, we oversee the crowdfunding campaign. Providing updates to contributors, giving tailored advice and making flexible adaptations wherever possible. Everything to make the campaign as big as a success as possible.

Utrecht in the Circle

A very recent example of a successful crowdfunding campaign that Experts in Digital was, from the very start, involved in is a project called ‘Utrecht in the Circle’. A very innovative project that revolved around getting special VR postcards produced. We managed to successfully collect enough money to produce the cards – in 2016 the special postcards will be sold in a wide variety of shops.

Anastasia (and her team) did a great job during my crowdfunding campaign for Utrecht in the Circle. She helped me writing the marketing strategy and especially with keeping up the marketing view in our (social media) communications with the public. Looking to a text with her made it a powerful one.

David Verwer

Initiator of Utrecht in the Circle, Utrecht in the Circle

Experts in Digital is always looking for new and thrilling projects, products or services to guide through a crowdfunding campaign and subsequently give the right kick-start that is needed. That’s why we are available for a crowdfunding consult or provide our full services to companies or entrepreneurs who are in interested in crowdfunding – or thinking of launching future campaigns.

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