TastyClub is a food application where costumers can get a standard 25% discount on their restaurant bill. They just need to be a paid-member of the TastyClub. At first sight, this appears to be a great service for the average food-lover.

The problem with marketing this new service therefore wasn’t the concept or its quality. Not at all, it was the fact that this food application was trying to encounter a new unfamiliar market.

In the beginning this resulted in a lack of downloads, no brand awareness and social trust, but this was about to change.

SOLUTION from Experts In Digital

We developed an integrated online marketing strategy for TastyClub which allowed us to combine a wide number of clients targets, such as increased brand awareness, more traffic, increased social trust, further development in social media, app downloads.

We created a community and a suitable blog. Where we interview participating restaurants, give TastyClub members useful dinner tips, provide a look into the kitchen of some of the finest Dutch restaurants and share content on a regular basis.

An affiliate marketing campaign was prepared in order to bring more leads to the website and increase app downloads.

Daily effort was invested in developing social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together with TastyClub team members we prepared a strategic approach and the tone of voice for posts, launched several campaigns in order to increase amount of followers and app downloads.

We also used Real Time Bidding, display advertising, way before any of our competitors thought of it which helped us to effectively work on brand awareness without spending huge budgets on it.

Together with IT specialists and web designers from TastyClub we developed several search engine optimised and user-friendly landing pages. In order to use in Google Adwords campaigns as well as to improve SEO. Those where key elements in making TastyClub a bigger and more appreciated online brand.

We also set up retargeting campaigns in Google Adwords and with RTB technology in order to keep potential customers interested in Tasty Club services.

Thanks to a fully responsive website, boosting social media channels, starting an interactive community blog and improving SEO; we managed to make real impact with a relatively low budget. This really helped TastyClub in creating more brand awareness and gaining social trust, and that subsequently lead to a huge increase in app downloads and memberships.


  • Developed integrated online marketing strategy
  • Created an interactive blog
  • Developing social media channels
  • Usage of Real Time Bidding and display advertising
  • SEO and Adwords

Client’s website: https://www.tastyclub.nl/

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