DutchBasecamp: Online Marketing Strategy for B2B Organization 

DutchBasecamp is a social enterprise with a mission to help startups scale internationally. They achieve this by building a premium internationalisation infrastructure for startups in The Netherlands. 
DutchBasecamp online marketing casestudy
Problem: Even though DutchBasecamp provides quite a unique service for Dutch startups, a more effective way was needed to spread DutchBasecamp’s message.
Solution: Experts In Digital created an online marketing strategy based on the findings from thorough research. 

Online marketing strategy and implementation

Step 1. Marketing research 

During our research we’ve looked at the following information:
DutchBasecamp’s current performance statistics on social media, email marketing campaign results, website performance
Competitor and partner social media presence (and results of their online marketing actions)
Even though DutchBasecamp is a unique organization in the Dutch market, there are similar services provided by other companies. In order to get a clear picture of the industry and to know how we can position our online marketing communications better, we’ve analyzed DutchBasecamp’s indirect competitors and partners as well
 Customer Insights: we’ve created DBC’s buyers’ personas based on their online habits and most preferable social media channels.

Based on these research findings the short-term and long-term objectives were defined. 

Step 2. Defining our goals 

Our short term objective was to communicate the DutchBasecamp message consistently via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the monthly newsletter. Our long term objectives were: Increase the relevance of the messaging to the target audience and to increase the amount of followers on Facebook in order to use this channel as a social trust indicator.
Use online marketing channels not only to inform the audience about the opportunities that DutchBasecamp and their partners provide, but also to engage the audience to take action, such as to participate in workshops, bootcamps and lean landing programmes. Increase engagement with customers online, increase customer satisfaction by providing more relevant information. Increase the effectiveness of communication and customer acquisition, and bring value to clients by providing the best information, coaching and training for startups. 

Step 3. Choosing channels and instruments 

Experts In Digital have created a number of guidelines on how to increase the brand awareness of DutchBasecamp online:
Social Media
We created guidelines for all social media channels to keep DutchBasecamp‘s message consistent
We ran a Facebook campaign to build a community of Dutch startups interested in internationalization. (see The Results slide)
Regular publications were created and published for all social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
DutchBasecamp has been sending newsletters before, and although it had a consistently good open rate, the newsletter sends were highly irregular: April, February, November, etc. Our main task was to prepare and send out newsletters monthly.

We designed a banner for sprout.nl – largest online platform for Dutch startups. 

Online marketing strategy and tactics by Experts in Digital

Step 4. Active involvement in promoting DutchBasecamp’s current projects and partnerships

We actively created communications and promoted DutchBasecamp’s projects such as Equinix shark tank, #cocreate2ACCELERATE, Interreg Lean Landing Project to name a few. This helped our team to better position DutchBasecamp and the opportunities it can provide to startups. On photo: Isabel Brouwer (DBC Director), Anastasia Lanting (CEO Experts In Digital), Justin Rijnberg (DBC Project Lead) 


Community growth
Our work resulted in an increase of followers and audience engagement on each of the social media channels. In three months (July – August) the number of followers on DutchBasecamp’s Facebook page increased almost tenfold. It grew by 1249%. Twitter followers number increased by 3%. LinkedIn – up by 12%. What is more, audience growth on Facebook was achieved at a low cost of 0.42 per page follower, while targeting a comparatively “expensive” audience of entrepreneurs in Holland.
Raising engagement with the newsletter
After sending out the newsletter regularly every month we saw an increase in newsletter readership and open rates. The three emails (in June, July and August) had: average open rate: 32,3% average click rate: 3,3%
Experts In Digital created an active online community around DutchBasecamp and interest in its activities (events, projects and partners). Building an audience based on different communication channels proved extremely powerful, especially with little online presence initially. The key to successful communication is to create detailed guidelines and a content plan with regular messaging in order to be in front of the target audience with valuable information as much as possible. 

“Experts in Digital managed to grow our Facebook group in a very short period of time and gave us hands-on tools to keep growing our online presence.”

Isabel Brouwer

Director, DutchBasecamp

Client’s website: http://www.dutchbasecamp.org
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